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ebuild is sad to announce its closure - it has become too time and resource intensive to develop, manage and maintain.

However, ebuild will remain on-line in archive mode (ie no posting facilties) for several weeks so that users can use it as an information resource.


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Posted 24 March 2016 - 12:49 PM

Hi all

I love a good forum and this is a super informative place. Found it while doing an i-poo the other day. Lets face it, that's what I-pads were invented for surely?

Anyway, about to commence work on renovating and extending a 3 bed detached 1970's tile hung ugly box and transforming it into something a bit more contemporary (double gabled two storey side, single storey rear, bifolds, velux, vaulted ceiling upstairs etc) but struggling to without spending huge amounts of cash. We also have to rip out all the plumbing, heating and electrics so there's not going to be a lot left.
Planning was a bit of an issue as we were going to do something funky but my local authority are still stuck in 1975 so that was out the window. Luckily a friend of mine is a planning consultant and after a few tweaks to the roof and the threat of going to appeal (an winning) it got passed. Building regs fine after some SAP calcs which sorted out our "too much glass" issue. So now it's down to finding a decent builder who doesn't drive a Porsche and doesn't bugger off halfway through the project to "quickly do something else".

One of the biggest issue I face is I have absolutely zero skill when it comes to DIY but luckily, I draw stuff for a living so know how office buildings and retirement homes are put together and have a reasonable understanding of what "works" but now learning the more detailed bits about things like underfloor heating. Rather than just putting a note on the drawing, I'm actually having to get down to the nitty gritty and endeavor to cut some costs and not just pay what the companies on he first page of google want to charge. Someone has to pay for all those google adwords eh?
While I'm sorting the building works, I'm also popping in a 4.5k gallon Koi pond. Be rude not to dig a big hole while there's a nice cheap digger in the back garden digging footings methinks.
The Mrs and myself will probably do a load of donkey work if and when we get time. Both run businesses so work daft hours but there's plenty of time to sleep when your dead and hey, I'm only 53 so can still manage 80 hours a week no problem :)

Anyway, nice to join up to a most informative forum, I'll endeavor to keep you up to speed if you're interested with drawings/pictures? We're due to start June/July time.

I'm off to post in the underfloor heating section.