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Checklist: Preparing To Take A Planning Application To Committee.

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Posted 28 January 2016 - 07:41 AM

Hesitantly, I offer this checklist because the subject matter is often deeply sensitive: there's so much at stake during the meeting and the build up to it may well have been fraught.
All the more need for a rational, carefully structured checklist, therefore.
  • List the facts, assemble the evidence. (Basic procedure for problem solving)
  • Councillors may ask for applications to be called BUT (jsharris#8)
  • The process in a nutshell (jsharris #2, read the whole thread)
  • Cautionary Tale 1 (swisscheese and others, esp jsharris, whole thread)
  • Cautionary Tale 2 (fubar and others , whole thread)
  • Cautionary Tale 3 (Joe90 whole thread)
  • Scottish Regulations differ to those in England (Prodave#13 and other threads)
  • Dig out the NPPF read it, which paragraphs refer to your case?
  • The value of an accurate drawing (temp#3, temp#59, woodgnome#61, wmacleod#62)
  • Conservation Area? (temp#3)
  • Other local decisions (AliG#5)
  • Scale model (jsharris #6)
  • Size matters, (footprint) but you need evidence (temp#10, joe90 #17)
  • Micro-politics: architects - planners - county councillors - parish councillors - neighbours; strategy for dealing with each (many threads)
  • Is needing to Appeal so bad? (Woodgnome#22, and Prodave#23, notnickclegg#24)
  • Going to Committe or Going to Appeal (joiner #1, whole thread)
  • Manage your Planning Consultant (Calvinmiddle#32)
  • Check the fees situation in relation withdrawn applications (Joe90#45)
  • What is a withdrawal? (Prodave#46 and #48)
  • You may withdraw DURING a meeting: here's how (jsharris #3)
  • Manage your emotions: don't show people how upset you are (RA#65, Sulz#12)
  • What to say and how to say it (Rankine#1, whole thread)
  • If you're worried about that, employ a professional to present for you.
  • Going to Appeal needn't be as bad as it may sound (jsharris#2)

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