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ebuild is sad to announce its closure - it has become too time and resource intensive to develop, manage and maintain.

However, ebuild will remain on-line in archive mode (ie no posting facilties) for several weeks so that users can use it as an information resource.



Check List - Index And Summary

Posted by CheckList in CheckList Index, 04 February 2016 · 2,122 views

Building a house or extension can be daunting with the amount of issues which need considering. To help you, ebuild is preparing a number of 'Check Lists' of things you should consider in your build. These will be added to over time. Acronyms & Abbreviations Briefing And Appointing an Architect Buying a Used Mini Digger Foundations : (downlo...


Let The Cladding Commence

Posted by ProDave in Self Build in the Highlands, 28 April 2016 · 5,189 views

Time to start fitting the wood fibre board cladding to the outside of the house.This is 100mm thick Pavatex wood fibre board. It gets screwwd to the outside of the timber frame all around the outside of the house.I am fitting the frame insulation as we go. That's a big change from the original plan where we had intended to use blown in insulation that...


Finishing Touches

Posted by tennentslager in tennentslager's Blog, 25 April 2016 · 3,618 views

If you wait long enough, what you want will come along in Gumtree. Seller said they were £100 per metre and I can believe that. 4m of them in the back of the car and the suspension was riding low!Anyhow, had no confidence in grouting these the normal way so borrowed a piping bag from SWMBO and took my time squeezing it into each gap so it was just pro...


The Chips Are Down (And Other Progress)

Posted by Crofter in Wee Hoose on the Croft, 05 April 2016 · 5,151 views

The Chips Are Down (And Other Progress) After months of little obvious signs of development, the last week has seen my field suddenly turn into a little site.I have, of course, been fairly busy- the concrete piers were poured in three stages, interupted by frosty weather; the drainage system got the OK from building control, the windows arrived (rather ahead of schedule but nevermind), and the...


S&n's Irish Farmhouse - Part 13 - Blockwork

Posted by crozier84 in crozier84's Blog, 29 March 2016 · 3,602 views

After an eventful couple of weeks we are now making great progress and are almost complete on the external blockwork. The brickies have a little more to do including setting a few cills and should be finished by the end of this week. We will then get the slaters in next week after I get the plasterer to sort out the chimneys. View of the rear of the h...


Part 10

Posted by sussexlogs in sussexlogs' Blog, 29 March 2016 · 1,125 views

flint work going up


Blog Moving

Posted by stones in In the heart of Neolithic Orkney - our 6th self build, 14 March 2016 · 1,240 views

Due to the closure of ebuild, I am moving my blog here: www.buildhub.org.uk


Getting A Little Turned On - Pv System Install

Posted by slidersx200 in It started out simple..., 24 February 2016 · 1,788 views

As a crisp, frosty winter's morning gave way to a sunny, if somewhat nippy afternoon, today saw a single day's labours produce an electrifying result - literally! At the start of the day the only part of our PV system in place was a duct made from an old downpipe I installed for cabling before the garage was plasterboarded. By 5.30pm we flicke...


Planning Process Under Way!

Posted by hmpmarketing in My Self-Build Tale, 18 February 2016 · 1,123 views

Hello all,It has been sometime since my last post. Well things didn't move as planned. I had delays regarding some missing paperwork on my application. Originally I had planned to submit the application the beginning of December (well we did) but due to the holiday period things didn't move as fast as we had expected. First, there was missing docu...


I Got 59 Problems (And Counting) And My Wife Ain’T One

Posted by daiking in How not to improve your house, 11 February 2016 · 1,537 views

Bring out your dead.So what progress has been made? There is a large extension standing, part finished, some parts more than others. Mutual indifference has led to the builder looking like he’s sacked us off. Not a great loss but leaves us with a not inconsiderable amount of work to do with a very inconsiderable amount of money to do it.I’ll try to list i...


House Design Website

Posted by caliwag in caliwag's Blog, 10 February 2016 · 1,225 views

As mentioned in the last post I attach a good freebie website, if allowed by admin!http://www.homedsgn.com/?awt_l=EDIT9&awt_m=3dwrsmekPBJRd8j


Where Next

Posted by lecerveau in Rose Lane re-build, 21 January 2016 · 1,815 views

The initial brief for the house was:Passivhaus standardsU-value of walls of 0.1W/(m2.K)Passive slab floor with 0.1W/(m2.K)low U-values, typically 0.85 to 0.70 W/(m².K) for the entire window including the frame, Triple glazing with built in blinds.Underfloor Heating with individual room/hall/passageway controlsMechanical Heat Recovery Ventilation with...


We Have Another Floor

Posted by DeeJunFan in Hawthorn House, 08 January 2016 · 1,217 views

Hello All,Hope everyone had a great Christmas and New Year.Was trying to get a blog entry done before Christmas but no luck so here goes.Block work is now complete, slab wrap put up and slabs laid.Here are a few pics showing the house and some of the key views.House itself Entrance View Living Room View Dining Room View Sun-Room Slabs In Progress Slabs C...


Slow Progress

Posted by pknuts2 in Self Build Northern Ireland, 07 December 2015 · 1,238 views

Progress has been very slow over the past few weeks due to the weather. Lucky we managed to get the garage roof on and tiled before storm Desmond arrived. Awaiting arrival of roof trusses later this week, though with the current forecasts it may well be after Christmas before the brickies make it back to site.



Posted by Calvinmiddle in A Modern House in the Back Garden, 03 December 2015 · 1,324 views

I'm well aware that I wasn't able to give the time to this blog to make it a useful resource.But I'd had a few questions about our build and will try and use the blog to answer them so all can see.I've had a question about the make up of our flat roofThe attachment shows the makeup of both the roof, one has a pitch of about 15o and the oth...


Part One - Setting Out

Posted by Redoctober in A journey North of the Border, 05 September 2015 · 1,605 views

Well this is it, we have finally reached a tipping point. Our retirement plans, which were no more than mere dreams and aspirations some 7 -8 years ago, have now become more focussed following the acceptance of an offer, on a plot of land, North of the Border.Yes, over the coming months, we are looking to finalise the sale on a plot of land nestled in th...


The Haunted Cannabis Farm With Extra Bits

Posted by Anchorbay in Anchorbay's Blog, 27 August 2015 · 1,261 views

Haystone build blogOrThe haunted cannabis farm with extrasGod how I hate refurbs,and when I say god I'm not talking about any god in particular ,so don't get upsetBut maybe if there is a god of filth and dirt and stinky carpets,wood worm and leaking roofs,Rooms with four ceilings on top of each other and sewer pipes coming apart and sprouting lit...


So Much Has Happened ...

Posted by joeirish in A house in Clare, 29 July 2015 · 1,589 views

... since my last blog.My father in law developed cancer and sadly died in April. This has meant that my wife has had to spend a lot of time away from home. And also in April we got a cash offer for our old house. We had four weeks in which to pack up and move out. Luckily a lot had been done on the new house but none the less it has been a hectic time. N...


July Nearly Gone

Posted by hoss in hoss' Blog, 21 July 2015 · 1,105 views

House is under offer and our offer has been accepted for a small flat which appears to be in a walk in condition, this will allow us to concentrate on our "retirement" home. Fingers crossed for BT via Openreach will install the phone line next week and I have a local builder calling round to talk about doing some of the work. I have started a list...


It All Happened So Quickly!

Posted by eddleetham in A House in the Garden, 29 June 2015 · 1,181 views

Well everything was under control, or so it seemed, then the builders started work and it's been non-stop trying to keep up ever since. There seem to have been so many decisions to make, while trying to carry out last minute research, that I've not had time to write the next chapter of my blog. It's more than 3 months since my last entry, so...


Part 2 - Your Cobra Is Your Friend

Posted by Fallingditch in Tubthumping, or, the rebuilding of Marsh Farm House, 26 April 2015 · 1,420 views

This phase of the project was all about the provision of a temporary electricity supply (see numerous forum posts on this topic).In short and after a lot of research, I decided to switch from an overhead power supply to the house, to an underground supply, which meant I was responsible for the provision of a 55m trench dug to 450mm depth, a length of poly...