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ebuild is sad to announce its closure - it has become too time and resource intensive to develop, manage and maintain.

However, ebuild will remain on-line in archive mode (ie no posting facilties) for several weeks so that users can use it as an information resource.

It started out simple...


Entries in February 2016
24 Feb Getting A Little Turned On - Pv System Install 6 Comments
Entries in January 2016
06 Jan Once You Pop The Rounded Corners Don't Stop 4 Comments
Entries in December 2015
18 Dec More Plastering 6 Comments
Entries in November 2015
27 Nov Mini Update - Internal Plastering Under Way 8 Comments
Entries in October 2015
01 Oct Wanna See A Well Built Stud Take On Something Curvy? 3 Comments
Entries in September 2015
25 Sep Just A Few Photos To Defend The Masonry Build Corner (Pt2/2) 0 Comments
25 Sep Just A Few Photos To Defend The Masonry Build Corner (Pt1/2) 5 Comments
Entries in July 2015
10 Jul Return To Render... After A Week's Break! 20 Comments
Entries in June 2015
17 Jun Evolution Of The Man Cave 7 Comments
Entries in May 2015
19 May Cutting Corners 6 Comments
05 May The Ceiling Is Coming Down, In A Good Way! 8 Comments
Entries in April 2015
22 Apr Stuffed, Taped Up And Plastered... Well, Almost! 11 Comments
Entries in March 2015
12 Mar These Fellas Came Along And Just Put My Windows In! 14 Comments
02 Mar The Score's On The Floor And The Writing Is On The Walls 2 Comments
Entries in February 2015
12 Feb Hurry Up And Get Yer Slates On! 11 Comments
Entries in January 2015
28 Jan A Matter Of Fakro 10 Comments
15 Jan The Calm Before The Storm, Hopefully! 7 Comments
Entries in December 2014
03 Dec Looking A Little More Trussworthy 6 Comments
Entries in November 2014
23 Nov Extreme Window Shopping 4 Comments
19 Nov Stone Me! 2 Comments
15 Nov Bricking It! 11 Comments
12 Nov I Won't Say Goodbye Old Friend, I'll Say See You Later 1 Comments
11 Nov My, How The Gables Have Turned...or Have They?! 3 Comments
Entries in October 2014
26 Oct Rising Up And Re:joisting 7 Comments
Entries in September 2014
19 Sep The Biggest (Ebuild) Action Movie Of The Year (So Far)! 8 Comments
15 Sep Fifty Days Of Grey 3 Comments
Entries in August 2014
21 Aug Things Are Getting A Little Too Revealing... 15 Comments
07 Aug Up, Up And Away! Out Of The Ground At Last:-D 6 Comments
Entries in July 2014
25 Jul Journey To The Centre Of The Earth 3 Comments
07 Jul What A Load Of Blocks! 14 Comments
04 Jul Loo Rolls & Sticky Back Plastic 2 Comments
Entries in May 2014
07 May Putting Pencil To Paper - Design Ideas 2 Comments
Entries in April 2014
24 Apr Love Thy Neighbour "without Prejudice" (Photos Added) 15 Comments
05 Apr It's A Long Shot, But It's Worth A Try! 1 Comments
Entries in March 2014
28 Mar The Conviction To Fulfil A Dream 5 Comments

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