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Homebuilding And Renovating Magazine

Posted by caliwag , 09 September 2015 · 984 views

Worth buying occasionally I guess, but I notice from their Newsletter, that they have a feature showing 20 houses under £200k. These may be gleaned
from the last year or two or a new collection, but perhaps worth a scan in your newsagent. Of course you don't need design ideas if you have read my design guide notes and blogs, but worth a glance to see if and where they have cut corners!

Of course you do need to read between the lines to assess real corner cutting... family help with trades, materials, site donation and so on...especially as some sites alone cost more than that, but it's a useful feature.

Admin et al. Please pull this snippet if deemed to cross advert guidelines...apologies.

Mind, that was last month, so, whilst a useful magazine, I doubt you'll see 20 under 200k...
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