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ebuild is sad to announce its closure - it has become too time and resource intensive to develop, manage and maintain.

However, ebuild will remain on-line in archive mode (ie no posting facilties) for several weeks so that users can use it as an information resource.


An Appeal

Posted by caliwag , 03 July 2014 · 1,079 views

No, not for money...This is a bit of a selfish one really, though I hope more ideas will rub off!

I was just retracing my early blogs from Summer 2012 (gosh!) and notice how some of the early ones have attracted little interest, not from comments
but by the number of readers.

The Blogs are generally not as a response to some momentous piece of news or a new trend, but mainly random thoughts from observations and
some of my earlier designs, and so, to my mind, all grist for the mill of brief making and self-designing. As I point out variously, many are the response
to the writings of Chris Alexander and colleagues, Arthur Martin, Hugh Baillie Scott et al but also the designs and words of architects like Frank Lloyd Wright,
Hans Scharoun, Alvar Aalto, Peter Aldington, Charles Moore and his colleague William Turnbull and other heros!

So, may I put in a plug for some of the early blogs...inspiration is always possible, even for your next self-build!

Take a peek at
Fortune favours the Prepared Mind...15:6:12
A picture is worth a thousand words...17:6:12
Survey, Analyse then Propose...20:6:12
Never Judge a Book...23:6:12
Two kitchen blogs from...26/27: 6:12
Courtyards and Spaces in between...!
Transparency and character...8:7:12
Poche (French for pocket)...9:7:12
Carrying an Inspired image in your Head...12:7:12
Past, Present and Future...16:7:12

Perhaps a tad repetitive and building to a common theme, but there ya go, it's how I design...Jim

It will help to turn all of those titles into links so that people can follow them and include a 1 sentence description of each.

Or you could repost the articles.

'Tis a bugger to navigate old postings on the blogs hereabouts, but that is just part of the platform.

(who starts a blog tomorrow)
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A fair point Ferdinand, will see what I can do. Have fun with your blog. Where is your 'hereabouts' btw?
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Replying late.

My 'herrabouts' for this reference is Ebuild.

My own hereabouts is the North Midlands (Notts/Derby).

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17 Aug 2014 10:51 AM
Your titles for the blogposts are a bit general and non-specific. I suspect you'd get more responses if you gave them more informative, specific titles.

I have to admit I generally don't read the blogs as regularly as the forum posts.
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A fair point Sarah...thanks for raising it. I guess the vagueness is meant to arouse curiosity! Hence loose titles like 'transparency' and 'past, present and future'. Although some are just shooting from the hip or a response to a forum post, they are generally explored in the free notes and intended to be myth busters and hints at provoking reaction to unexplored pre-conceived ideas. They are also devices and hints prompted by my own approach to house design based on clients sites, requests and IMHO lost opportunities.

I suppose I could produce a blog based on where my design starting points (site constraints, budget, client must-haves etc) but I think it would be a bit of a rambling repetitive affair. However, with my other 'artist' hat on I am putting together a series of 'House-Design' box frames with sketches, mini 3Ds, important notes, quotes and client needs etc more as a wall hanging, but educational as well. It is a shame the designers and architects never show the visual decision-making process...though the Architectural Review journal sometimes would indicate that.

I used to encourage my students to throw nothing away, as the design process is important to see, analyse and crit...ideal if the self-build design is a family affair.

Most usefully the blogs that describe the self- build process, warts and all, are vital and welcome, but so is the reflections of the 'first view of site', and the design decision-making process.

Anyway, thanks again and happy designing and building.
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