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ebuild is sad to announce its closure - it has become too time and resource intensive to develop, manage and maintain.

However, ebuild will remain on-line in archive mode (ie no posting facilties) for several weeks so that users can use it as an information resource.


House Design...the Architect's View.

Posted by caliwag , 29 May 2014 · 1,055 views

I know, I know...you're all bored to death by this now, however as far as I know, there are still no definitive books or magazine articles on the arcane matter of deciding where to start making a water tight brief and design decisions. Now mine, the above, is far from water tight but is, in my humble opinion, a good, memory-jogging start.

Some might say I have a head-start as I used to teach architecture students, others may say 'ah, there's his problem!'

Anyway, the original source of the link, which Dave Admin generously agreed to publish on Ebuild, disappeared at one of the revamps of this site so the only source is via solotimberframe, who have redesigned their website.

Once on solotimberframe.co.uk click on 'timber frame portal' and then onto 'valuable resources' There are some good free spreadsheets and tracker ideas on there too.

OK, simple as game pie.

One for the newbies amongst you.

I thank you for any feedback...now back to the drawing board. Jim

Right...the title for my contribution, if you can access it, is 'House Design...the architect's view' but I have suggested to Solo that they subtitle the free note...'Thinking of designing or self-building your home...the last thing you need is an architect' Please contact Solo Timber frame if you have problems. You need to do that for the useful downloads, so be patient.

Jim, I did download this just after your post, but (if I am not mistaken) Solo Timber Frame have since rejigged their site and the path to these "valuable resources" has been removed :(
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Thanks for that. They have rejigged the site. You need to open 'solotimberframe.co.uk', then 'timberframe portal' and then 'solo timber frame wonder tool' link, just checked, it seems to work. Cheers, jim
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