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ebuild is sad to announce its closure - it has become too time and resource intensive to develop, manage and maintain.

However, ebuild will remain on-line in archive mode (ie no posting facilties) for several weeks so that users can use it as an information resource.

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Never Judge A Book...

Posted by caliwag , 23 June 2012 · 519 views

In yesterday's Times pull-out, the award winning 'Bricks and Mortar,' there was an article by a Harry Mount on Modernism and rural living. An interesting article effectively publisising his new book 'How england made the English: From Hedgerows to Heathrow'.

I cannot give you a link as the Times expects you to subscribe to the paper,...


Hectoring, Lecturing And Haranguing: Oh And 'the Architect'

Posted by caliwag , 21 June 2012 · 631 views

Sort of two blogs in one...

If you are dipping into these 'statements' and thinking 'Jeez, here he goes again, I know all this, when is he going to write something worthwhile?' well please bear with me...or ignore of course.

I'm sure, way back when, most of the students ignored my witteringsl.

However, if you are new to all this...


Survey, Analyse, Propose...

Posted by caliwag , 20 June 2012 · 563 views

I taught with an inspiring Swedish landscape architect who largely saw the design process in a very logical sequence...viz 'survey, analyse and propose'.

Now as it happens, for architecture students confronted with a design problem, which involved a garden, land or a 'donor' building, this was, and is, superb advice. Effectively it is a way...


Scrap Book Or Annotated Portfolio Of Images!

Posted by caliwag , 19 June 2012 · 541 views

I have always asked clients to assemble a file of images...likes and dislikes. In common with a pocket diary and descriptive word list, we encouraged ist year students to collect images with critical comments: it is another exercise in focusing on the job in hand.

One client however sent me a 1" thick file of colour photocopies, annotated in most...


A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

Posted by caliwag , 17 June 2012 · 562 views

A fascinating observation apparently coined in similar form by an American adman who wanted images on the sides of trams! Inevitably it has been attributed to Confucious and other sages!

But no matter, it's not what i want to talk about...although, Joiner, it was a daily comment on the St Pancras project when discussing design detailing with a...


Fortune Favours The Prepared Mind

Posted by caliwag , 15 June 2012 · 535 views

I hesitate to present this blog as a sequence of 'do this or it'll all go pear-shaped' type of advice column. I think it would get tedious rather quickly, so I am going to contribute, if I may, in a serendipitous way (I think that's a trendy computer buzz-word) responding to headlines or news-clips or whatever gem pops into my mind! I am...


Welcome To Caliwag's Blog

Posted by caliwag , 13 June 2012 · 781 views

Some of you will remember my thoughts on approaching your own design in a free download which Mr admin installed for me.

The idea of the provocative title 'Designing your own home? then the last thing you need is an architect' is to encourage people to explore all their needs, wants, desires and must-haves before lifting the phone to make that...

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