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ebuild is sad to announce its closure - it has become too time and resource intensive to develop, manage and maintain.

However, ebuild will remain on-line in archive mode (ie no posting facilties) for several weeks so that users can use it as an information resource.

caliwag's Blog


House Design Website

Posted by caliwag , 10 February 2016 · 1,136 views

As mentioned in the last post I attach a good freebie website, if allowed by admin!http://www.homedsgn.com/?awt_l=EDIT9&awt_m=3dwrsmekPBJRd8j


House Design Notes...again

Posted by caliwag , 10 February 2016 · 763 views

I just wanted to reiterate that the house design notes are still available, free on this site! Attached.I mention a suitable reading list, which did exist and has been posted to one or two people: however it is a bit dated now and to be honest I've notvisited the RIBA bookshop for some time. I have posted blogs periodically on here as reviews of,...


Homebuilding And Renovating Magazine

Posted by caliwag , 09 September 2015 · 1,016 views

Worth buying occasionally I guess, but I notice from their Newsletter, that they have a feature showing 20 houses under £200k. These may be gleanedfrom the last year or two or a new collection, but perhaps worth a scan in your newsagent. Of course you don't need design ideas if you have read my design guide notes and blogs, but worth a glance to see i...


Design Guide

Posted by caliwag , 29 August 2015 · 1,382 views

Regulars will have noticed that I have not been active for some time. However I note that my blog still seems to receive 30+ visits a day.I make mention of my free design guide, but generally not where to find it. One day it will be updated and published, however if interested,please find the original attached. I know it's many years old now, but pers...


House On A Narrow Plot

Posted by caliwag , 27 August 2014 · 1,469 views

This is a response to a forum thread and something that has been touched on in my early blogs.I did design a small 'mock' coach house at he end of a very long garden. The site was less than 5.6m and agreement had been reached to build on one boundary thus leaving an internal width of 3.6m Plainly there were no projections over the neighbour's...


An Appeal

Posted by caliwag , 03 July 2014 · 1,083 views

No, not for money...This is a bit of a selfish one really, though I hope more ideas will rub off!I was just retracing my early blogs from Summer 2012 (gosh!) and notice how some of the early ones have attracted little interest, not from commentsbut by the number of readers.The Blogs are generally not as a response to some momentous piece of news o...


Gardens Again...

Posted by caliwag , 01 June 2014 · 1,192 views

I was going to make reference to an early blog, but I now cannot find it, suppose it might've been a dream.Anyway I came across a rather delightful French word the other day, which I guess has been claimed by the world of art.Decollage...OK the first 'e' should have an accent on top, so it's 'de' as in day I suppose.This was my att...


House Design...the Architect's View.

Posted by caliwag , 29 May 2014 · 1,055 views

I know, I know...you're all bored to death by this now, however as far as I know, there are still no definitive books or magazine articles on the arcane matter of deciding where to start making a water tight brief and design decisions. Now mine, the above, is far from water tight but is, in my humble opinion, a good, memory-jogging start.Some might sa...


Character, Interest, Delight...wow Factor? (Previous Blog On Theme 30:6:12)

Posted by caliwag , 08 May 2014 · 986 views

I just contributed to the discussion on Whither the architect, in 'Half glass empty'...an interesting thread.As an architect, I am keen to support the need for an architect's role in house design, if anything to halt the general complete and utter blandness, indeed of self-builds as well.I have heard people comment, 'well we don't want...



Posted by caliwag , 02 December 2013 · 1,143 views

Huh, uselessTry...solotmberframe.co.uk/Self_Build_Design.pdfSomething is trying open behind the job in hand...a real embuggerment! Jim

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