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Block Work Started And Borehole Drilling Weeks 4-7

Posted by pknuts2 , 18 November 2015 · 906 views

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That's a big house. What's the borehole for, gshp?? Your dogs def love the camera.
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Dogs are never far away! Borehole is for domestic water, we are in a long lane, quite a distance from the mains so was cheaper to drill borehole than get mains water. We ve been living beside the site for 1.5 yrs now and use water from a well at present which tastes a lot better than the mains water in our area.
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Just watch them walls esp peaks in that wind. Make sure all is propped as walls falling over make some mess. My build was all block so if you need any help or advice don't be afraid to ask. Do a welcome post in the forum. Plenty from here on the site with most still building so will all have some info and help to share.
Well water is way nicer although it's very very cold so not good for my teeth!!!
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Roof timbers are on gargage this week and on single story section of house which will hopefully give gables more support, unfortunately I havent been able to get on site in daylight hours to get any photographs.
Declan - with your build do you do much with block work to increase air tightness?
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Good windows are a must. No windows with trickle vents or a letterbox in the door. I went 3gg upvc passiv from baskil. All the reveals of the doors and windows taped from the window to the block work. Tape then gets plastered over creating a seal. On the ground floor and first floor the joint between floor and wall sealed with tape. Every conduit for plugs and switches siliconed to stop draughts. Is your first floor joists or concrete slabs??
An airtightness membrane on the ceiling of the first floor with the membrane glued to the walls and plastered over creating a seal. If you are going for spots in the first floor ceiling then you can use the covers that you seal over the hole.
Def wet plaster the whole inside no dot and dab plasterboard.
Basically anything that penetrates the inside skin of the house, lights, services, plugs etc all get taped up. It's a fair bit of work but keeps the heat in so is worth it. Its not hard to do just a bit time consuming. Have a read of sliders blog. He is also building all block in saintfield and has some details in it about airtightness. Jeremys is another very good read. Even though his is a timber frame most of it is still relevant. Have you thought about mhrv. Bpc is only down the road from you in larne.
There are loads of guides online so Google is your new best friend.
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Thanks for info, will def have a look at all this. Did consider MRHV at a stage but need to have another look at it.
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What size of cavity are you going for? What depth of floor insulation?

You need to get pretty well insulated and airtight for the MHRV to be worthwhile.

But If your going MHRV BPC is the way to go.
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