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Finishing Touches

Posted by tennentslager , 25 April 2016 · 3,512 views

If you wait long enough, what you want will come along in Gumtree.
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Seller said they were £100 per metre and I can believe that. 4m of them in the back of the car and the suspension was riding low!
Anyhow, had no confidence in grouting these the normal way so borrowed a piping bag from SWMBO and took my time squeezing it into each gap so it was just proud. Ran a pencil around the gaps and hey ho it looks great.
Now just some stove paint to buy and a few dozen more jobs before its finished...

Is that stove okay like that on a non constructional hearth? Usually they need to be the raised type with a log store underneath to be okay just on a slab of stone.
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25 Apr 2016 03:58 PM
Hope so...the hearth is slate paving slabs on a 40mmbed of concrete.
In use the slate does not get very hot. You can see on the pic where the paint has degraded from the fire grate upwards.
The paint below this line is like new.
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