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Interior Fit Out And Decoration

Posted by tennentslager , 04 February 2016 · 1,082 views

The low tech approach continues as does the re-use and recycle theme. Bought a load of Michelin road maps from the charity shop to make my feature wall background and topped then off with a few nice ones I picked up in Poland during the summer. Probably spent about 20 quid in all.
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Went to the local mental health wood recycling project (boy, they are not cheap!) and spend 15 quid on an old scaffolding board to make this kitchen unit. Might add some hooks underneath and a couple of shelves on the map wall to complete this corner.
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I might have mentioned before that around my office Monday is the day that the Council bin lorries come around for bulk uplift. The area is all tenement flats and there is no room for bulk trash in the back court so the local arrangement is you put it on a street corner before each Monday morning. It does make for an Aladdin's cave of goodies and there is a fair bit of 'help yourself' going on before the bin lorry arrives. in fact plenty of stuff is labelled, like a TV with remote control taped and a sign 'saying perfect working order'.
Anyhow I helped myself to this worktop and slotted it in next to the beech free standing units from Gumtree to make a little sink unit. Looks okay I think...the rest of the worktop was cut up and kept the wood burner going to keep us warm during the freezing weather outside.
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That's brilliant. Kind of makes me wish I had planned to go down the upcycled route, rather than the contemporary finish that we're hoping for.

By the way I think you were a bit fleeced on your scaffold plank, Wickes were doing them for under a tenner not long ago!
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That scaffold plank looks far too good, it should be on my scaffolding.

Certainly all looking very good indeed.
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i like it, but I'm not keen on reusing scaffold planks unless they are new, as they have usually had all sorts of horrid gunge dripped on them. Hopefully this one was new.
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The maps will be of interest to 90 and 9 year old children. Far better than Sarah Beany's round the world cupboard.
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