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Diy Plans-Graph Paper And Pencil

Posted by tennentslager , 05 January 2016 · 1,040 views

I am putting these images up simply to show that you do not have to employ professional help to submit planning applications.
For most of you serious self builders designing the house of your dreams I suspect that this will be the only way to go but my little project is different from the norm in many ways.
Firstly Stirling Council (in fact the single planning assistant that deals with the Carbeth community huts) is hugely helpful and happy to talk on the phone and comment via email. Secondly reading through previous applications I noticed that some drawn on foolscap (with imperial measurements) passed first time and the more professional architect drawn submissions had lengthy correspondence in the file.
I went with the spirit of the old hutters and splashed out on some graph paper and a sharp pencil. I kept what I could vague so as to allow a bit of flexibility as the build progressed. Eight weeks to the day after submission we got a green light with four simple conditions.
Having read some of your experiences out there I feel your pain and hope that ion the future this minefield of a system can be improved and made more consistent…I’m not holding my breath though…

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05 Jan 2016 04:11 PM
Hats off to a sensible, simple approach to life and a planning system that appears to work. Rare.

Pour yourself a wee dram.
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I also did my own drawings, although I used plain A3 paper on a drawing board.
Like you, passed first time.

I did have a go on a free CAD package that I downloaded, but I concluded that it would be quicker to just use a pencil than to learn how to use CAD.
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