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The Haunted Cannabis Farm With Extra Bits

Posted by Anchorbay , 27 August 2015 · 1,258 views

Haystone build blog
The haunted cannabis farm with extras

God how I hate refurbs,and when I say god I'm not talking about any god in particular ,so don't get upset
But maybe if there is a god of filth and dirt and stinky carpets,wood worm and leaking roofs,
Rooms with four ceilings on top of each other and sewer pipes coming apart and sprouting little squidgy anomalies between the joints
I use the word anomalies as the truth be told of such anomalies squidging out between the joins is to horrific to contemplate
So there I was just sold my third self build,the recession still raging,the banks still clinging desperately
To their cash,no mortgage for you they were telling everyone,unless you have buckets of cash for a deposit,hahahahaha
So I stopped the self builds,what's the point I thought ,i just about sold my last one
I should add that on a flip of a coin a few years earlier I decided to build a couple of self build bungalows
All went well until the words sub prime reared their ugly heads
Any way,so i sold my third self build bungalow and having a look around for something exciting to do
And I keep looking at this 1760 stone built property,the walls are two feet thick in places and given it's age it looks solid (excuse the pun here) as a rock
And it should be as that's exactly what it's built of
The property had been on the market for a long time,it had a large expanse of land to one side
And the last time any one had tended to the bushes and vegetation was at the end of the boer war
The house itself had had a varied life
There's been a dairy in the garden,there's been steam trains running through the garden,there's a bricked up tunnel,there's bats but don't tell anyone about them,especially not the planning office
There used to be a tidal pool just over the back garden wall,but the council filled it in
Hence the name of the house ,haystone villa
During the 1940s
Goerings bombers missed the house so many times during the blitz on plymouth that hitler said to him
And I quote
If your soddin lufftwaffe are so useless at dropping one measly bomb on haystone villa then what's the point in carrying on with all this blitz malarkey I'm not avin it
Any way hitler got the right hump and cancelled operation sea lion because of it
If you look at a bomb map for haystone place in plymouth you can't see my house for the amount of little black dots,denoting where bombs fell,probably some in the garden ....!
But I'm rattlng on now ,so calm down and let's get back the house
It's a four story monster with a single story brick lean to at the back and an illegally built two story strange exstension on the end of that
The house hadn't been maintained since dinosaurs roamed the earth
So obviously I bought it
Oh forgot to mention it was in use as a cannabis farm just prior to my purchase
Till they got caught,as they were growing it in central plymouth and forgot or more likely had got used to the smell
It was so strong it was causing seagulls to spiral out of control and tennants in adjoining property's were always getting the munchies and generally being very happy
Not guilty your honor the previous owner said,i wouldn't know a carrot from a cannabis plant
Guilty said the judge
Planning history on the house had more recently been as a HMO
But this was changed to planning to convert into three two bed flats,but this had expired
There had also been a few attempts at gaining permission to build a detached bungalow in the garden and also to convert the existing structure into self contained accommodation
I put in a new application for the expired three flats permission
the planning officer that had approved it last time Was in a mind for refusal,for no other reason than he was a miserable g.t,
He also said he didn't need to look at the building as he had looked at it eight years earlier......!
my architect pointed out he didn't have leg to stand on and he gave in
Permission granted
After that he said he had actually looked over the rear garden wall and had noticed an illegal extension and had reported it to the enforcement team
Oh really
This guy had been trounced by my architect (bless him)
And overuled by his seniors and was now just chucking his dummy out the pram
Actually I welcomed the attention from the enforcement guy
He came down for a site visit and asked me what I thought I might do about the extension
I said I would like permission to convert into a self contained two bed semidetached house
I demonstrated to him that the previous owner had always lived in the extension and showed him a letter from the neighbour stating this as well
And if permission wasn't granted I would apply for a certificate of lawfullness on it as it is,but it doesn't look pretty does it ,I said
Also none of the council offices in the south west have any money to spend on enforcement
Anyway he was in agreement with me and suggested a site visit to discuss a pre planning app
So Tim the enforcer went back to the office and suprise the miserable g.t got involved again,trying to persuade the enforcer that I shouldn't be allowed to do anything with the extension
Throughout the last twenty years planning history on this house ,it had always been the same guy dealing with any apps
So I decided to bite the bullet and I submitted a full application to convert the dodgy extension
I then had a visit from Amy my new planning officer,she was new to the job she liked my vision ,she thought the idea was very nice and the setting overlooking the park was good and as it wasn't overlooking any other properties (I only have one neighbour)
The planning went straight through without any objections from council or neighbours
So I now have four planning permissions and am starting to feel like a property developer rather than a self builder
But my aim is to get this project finished and either rented out or sold off
Either way as soon as I can release some equity I will start another self build for myself to live in
Oh one other thing about this house
The first night I stayed their,I arrived about 9 at night I had to cut some ply wood to use as a base for a bed frame
I plugged my skill saw in and soon as I pulled the trigger ,the fuse went
I got my jig saw out plugged it in and the fuse went
My reciprocating saw did a version of Pete's dragon ,puffed out a load of smoke and died
Strange I thought ,must be something wrong with the electrics
I had to get my hand saw
Any way half ten going on eleven,I'm shattered half asleep I'm in the rear top bedroom
And I realise I'm listening to someone clump all the way up the stairs and stop right out side my bedroom
Armed with a fire extinguisher I opened the door
No one there
The next night about nine,ish
I'm on the phone to the missus in the same room when a couple of kids run past my bedroom door laughing as they went
I'm starting to realise there's a lot more to this house than meets the eye
If you have experienced this sort of thing you will understand
If you haven't you will offer explanations
I will stop here as this is an ongoing project
And will post some updates as I go along
To be honest I have gone a lot further already
And I'm still not sure if I'm a developer or a self builder,maybe both

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Can't wait for the next chapter! Squidgy drains, hmm. I was a tiler once and did a lot of commercial Kitchens and Toilets which sometimes involved temporarily moving pipes as it was easier than tiling so I know about squidgy drains. Oh and rats! Once the punters have gone home and the oriental kitchen staff have legged it to the nearest Casino the rats would come out to play! :mellow:
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