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Planning Process Under Way!

Posted by hmpmarketing , 18 February 2016 · 1,048 views

Hello all,

It has been sometime since my last post. Well things didn't move as planned. I had delays regarding some missing paperwork on my application. Originally I had planned to submit the application the beginning of December (well we did) but due to the holiday period things didn't move as fast as we had expected.

First, there was missing documentation for S106 Agreement. Got that sorted but then xmas came and we were only able to reach the council beginning of January.

Then case officer decides to request a street scene (our app is a revision to an existing app which didn't require a street scene). Until we got the survey done, another couple of weeks.

Then some plans were not scaling properly, another week or so to get those drawings sorted....and after much stress, application is now validated and off we go!

Expected decision by the 4th of April. Fingers crossed!!!!

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