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ebuild is sad to announce its closure - it has become too time and resource intensive to develop, manage and maintain.

However, ebuild will remain on-line in archive mode (ie no posting facilties) for several weeks so that users can use it as an information resource.

My Self-Build Tale


Planning Process Under Way!

Posted by hmpmarketing , 18 February 2016 · 1,049 views

Hello all,It has been sometime since my last post. Well things didn't move as planned. I had delays regarding some missing paperwork on my application. Originally I had planned to submit the application the beginning of December (well we did) but due to the holiday period things didn't move as fast as we had expected. First, there was missing docu...


Plot Is Clear!

Posted by hmpmarketing , 17 September 2015 · 836 views

So just finished clearing the plot today, my two tenant foxes are now gone! :)I can now really see the full size of the plot and I am already dreaming seeing the houses there next year! It took us a couple of days to clear it but job is done!Here are some pictures: Will keep you all updated!


Finally Completion! Plot Is Ours!

Posted by hmpmarketing , 27 August 2015 · 871 views

Today marks the day when I finally can say the plot is mine. After chasing a plot for a year I finally managed to get one to start my self build dream.I know there is still a long way to go, but the first step which I think is the hardest has been completed.The plot is located in a seaside town in West Sussex, 2 minutes drive to the beach, a school right...

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