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Best Laid Plans.

Posted by daiking , 27 September 2015 · 830 views

My summer did not go to plan.

I spent far too long digging myself out of a hole at work to meaningfully contribute to my home. Hopefully I'm finished that now, only 2 month late, :rolleyes: Still, I did manage 99% of the outstanding niggle jobs in the existing family bathroom to say that's finished and learnt some stuff along the way.

Progress on the build by the builder has been slow and steady. The roofs are taking shape so should be watertight by the end of next week.

Did manage to have dinner in the new kitchen last night though...

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30 Sep 2015 11:06 AM
If its dinner you have have in the evening, with candelabra and a proper table cloth, you are definitely keeping standards up so things can't be that bad unless you were eating alone!
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Why thank you. It made a change from the dining room that's had the remains of the window boarded up for 3 months. The table cloth was because it was an old pasting table we found in the back of a wardrobe when we moved in and the candles provided some much needed light.

Cooking on a single 13A ring since April has not been much fun.
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