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5 Week Plan

Posted by daiking , 26 July 2015 · 898 views

There lies a 5 week plan. 5 weeks without distractions (apart from the day job) to do my DIY tasks I've been putting off since I moved in in April. The original plan, rather too optimistic, was to tie in with the extension build and do some of the existing house finishing like floors etc but we're not ready for that. Instead, I need to get the bits of the houses that should be relatively untouched in the work into tip top Not a deathtrap condition. Sounds simple enough...

The main areas to look at are:

1: ground floor void
2: loft
3: bathroom
4: small UFH retrofit
5: snagging

1: First of all I want to get into the void and tidy up all the mess that the trades left back in March. Next a survey of the services and construction. Form a plan for insulating based upon this information. Estimate for the job (materials and labour) before cracking on with it.

2: I started a thread about the loft issues, I want to insulate properly and use for storage but I'm hampered but the roof/ceiling construction. Again, I'm going to need to get up there, survey it properly and tidy up, I'm probably going to (double) bag up the existing insulation for disposal. Work out how best to deal with the wiring up there, confirm my plans (from my loft thread) and get on with it.

3: couple of small jobs in the bathroom I cam manage straight away (tile the bath panel access cover, finish skirting, fill a small wall area and redecorate) . Major task is the old hot water tank/airing cupboard which needs holes repairing, some plastering, boarding out and then shelving installed. Stretch target in this area is to sort out the ventilation too. We plastered over the air brick earlier in the year so I could do with getting a proper extractor in. Not something I expect I can do but may start a thread on that so I can ask the builder when the time comes with the extension.

4: this is the remainder of my UFH plan that is the existing timber floor. I'll need to raise the boards, fit insulation and the spreader plates before piping and covering. This room is currently about 3x2 and I'll need a different strategy for the UFH compared to the rest of the floor.

5: This covers a multitude of sins from cleaning walls we didn't touch before, scraping paper remnants, filling plaster, maybe trickle vents in the Windows, sort out the TV aerial which is on the blink, decide whether to persevere with my original data plans etc plus some weedkiller in the garden and probably take down the trampoline in the garden.

This is rather a lot to fit in, some is higher priority than others but it all needs doing. Beats a holiday anyway.

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