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Enough With The Sob Story

Posted by daiking , 23 July 2015 · 737 views

So, rather than looking at what has gone wrong, let's look as to what is going to go wrong. There are 3 aspects to this:

1) The 55m2 extension that a builder is putting up
2) Work on the existing house
3) Outside

1) Work is ongoing with this, we are up to slab level and next week the brickies start putting up the walls. This is a conventional basic brick and block build, 100mm cavity. Which to be fair is 50m more than the existing house. Standard construction within, concrete ground floor, suspended timber first floor. Rear extention is single storey with lean too roof and roof lights, two storey side extension is conventional trussed pitched roof, gable end. Everything pretty standard inside and in the scope of the jobbing builder.

So far I have attempted to make improvements by laying UFH, god knows if it will ever work. The ground floor extension is going to be an open kitchen/living space. As well as a utility and separate WC. There's 4 of us already so we need more toilets (1 at the moment).We have an idea on kitchen and flooring and the but not confirmed. Upstairs we're gaining a bedroom and a very small en suite bathroom. New drains too! Nearly forgot new drains.

I'm going to need help here just trying to work out the details that need to be made to turn a crap build into a functional one.

2) The house is a small 3 bed semi and we did some work to be able to move in but there's loads more to do. It desperately needs a new front door which actually means building up a 200mm step in the doorway and bringing the door 400mm forward and installing a door plus side and top lights. the existing suspended timber ground floor needs insulating from underneath in the 900mm void as well as doing 30m2+ of flooring, probably some kind of wooden effort. Part of the exisitng house (the kitchen) will be in the new area so I have to retrofit some UFH under the suspended floor. All internal doors need replacing, still some decorating and plastering to do in places as well. The bathroom has a few jobs, fix the bath panel access and sort out the hot water cupboard so its usable for storage. Up in the loft is a bit of a problem. We wanted to board and use for storage but I'm reluctant to lay boards unnecissarily on the 3" joists. At the moment boxes and cases lay across joists although I have a plan for that. The loft insulation needs improving and its such a mess up there so I may as well just replace it. These for the most part are my job, apart from the front door.

3) I've been trying to block the outside from my mind. Its costing all the money we have to do the house. Losing my garage to build is a pain and the garden was overgrown for years so it is a mess. this will be a slow burner with as little done as possible as long as i can get away with. Ideally, at some point in the future I'll get an outdoor workspace/garage back, the kids will have some where to play, a place for the trampoline, somewhere to sit and somewhere to put a brick oven. and space to spit roast a lamb. Not much to do there really. :huh:

This house was intended to be where we'd spend a very long time but knowing the compromises going into it at every step, I'm not sure that's true. There is a true self-build on the horizon in the distant future somewhere else in the world but that's a story for another day.

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