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S&n's Irish Farmhouse - Part 11 - Joists

Posted by crozier84 , 17 February 2016 · 1,102 views

So after a bit of a mix up with delivery of joists the guys were back on site this morning and are making great progress.

The photo below shows the internal timber walls and first floor joists which were done today.

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This photo shows my kitchen, living area and conservatory. We are going with a vaulted ceiling in the conservatory so all the steelwork will be fitted in the coming days. We have allowed for the beam to fully span the area to ensure we can keep this area as open as possible, however we are likely going to go with something to allow us to close off when we want. Perhaps pocket doors. Suggestions welcome :)

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This photo below is one of the 2 slates we are going to choose The one on the left is the 'Leon' and the right 'Sierra' both supplied by LBS. Leon is apparently a slightly better slate however I do like the fact that the Sierra can be sourced at 300mm wide.

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The one issue I have at this stage is that I'm not happy with the finished up floor. Given the heavy rain there are clearly issues with dishing and the fact there should be no ponding water. I suspect a self level screed may be needed and I will be ensuring this issue is dealt with before I hand over any money.

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The photo below is the opening for my Bi-fold door. Long story but I managed to procure a top of the range door that was no longer needed on a project I was managing through work. It was to be installed in a commercial unit and I decided to use it in my conservatory. It is very high but I think it will be a great feature. :) If not I can always take it out as its no loss to me.

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By the end of next week the upper floors should be done and ready for the brickie and slater.

Really enjoying how it's finally all coming together.

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you didn't happen to procure a second bifold door?

We have a 3m ope for a bi fold and our current window supplier cant seem to do it in 3 sections which is putting us off.

So might have to get it from elsewhere

How big is yours?
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Unfortunately not :)

My door is 4137 wide and 2725 high. It also has one single leaf that can be used as normal door without having to slide it completely open.

It was orignally to be over 5 metres long for where it was intended (a coffee pod) however it would not fit in my conservatory so I took a door leaf out of it.

The door is from Fortress and is really a commerical product, however hopefully it will turn out well. Was too god an oppurtunity to pass down. I'll put up a few photos when it goes in, which should be in 2 weeks or so.
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