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S&n's Irish Farmhouse - Part 9

Posted by crozier84 , 30 January 2016 · 1,437 views

S&n's Irish Farmhouse - Part 9 It's all going to get very busy this week!

My finished sub floor including ufh heating pipes will be installed by Friday.

The scaffolders will be on site Wednesday, Thursday Friday.

My timber frame will then arrive the following Monday. They plan to have the frame erected in 2 weeks, after which the windows will go in. I've attached my final timber frame floor plans. The only difference is ill likely create a wider opening into the conservatory.

The brickies will then arrive to do the external block-work skin.

Next up will be my roofers to put on the slates (which I've still to choose). The front runner is the chinese classic blue supplied by lbs. In between my ''dummy' brick chimneys have to be sorted. These are slightly controversial as you can see from a few recent posts on here.

The scaffolding will then come down and I'll stop to take breath. At this stage I can drawdown the 2nd stage of my mortgage. With timber frame construction the building needs to be wind and watertight which according to the bank must include have the roof finished and the external block work done.

I will then take time to think about render and everything else to follow.

I anticipate this will be in the region of 8 weeks work.

As the weeks progress I'll try and get more updates on here with photos of the work

Attached Image

Attached Image

Make sure you have some rapid hardener in case of frosty mornings. Don't let them build if its to cold either.
If the timber frame company hasn't the studs marked on the membrane you could do this so the brickies know where to hammer in the ties.
Little things like that speed the job up and stop you getting stressed out.
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hi, did you get the windows sorted?
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Thanks Declan, good points. Not sure if you read the thread on my chimneys. Have you any thoughts on what way you would do them?

Regarding my windows I placed the order with swish last week. We talked through all the technical info on the windows are doors and when I weighed up everything against all the other windows I looked at it they were my favoured choice. I'm going with sliding sash to all the windows you can see in the front elevation photo and triple glazed windows mock sliding sash to the rear.
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I wouldn't do it as mainly due to the amount of time and work needed. But I see your point about it so I would have it offset of the ridge. It would be a tile/tile and a half from the ridge. It would make the lead work easier than if its straight through the ridge.
Would make the frame out of treated timber with cement board. Make sure the finished size of the frame suits the size of your brick slips. Dont want big perps or wont look nice.Tank it with 18inch dpc to form a tray then the lead tray. Just doubling up the chances of stopping any leaks getting down to the house. Draw the whole thing out on the frame first before you stick anything on.
Your main issues will be keeping the rain out so put some waterproofer into the motar you point in with. What are you doing for a coping at the top. Don't have it flat or rain will lie on it. You could corbel the bricks out two course then back in one. Just need to beef up the frame to make it sit 25mm odd out each time. Cover the top with dpc and set your pot then concrete it in. It's not going to be a quick job but as long as you pay attention to keeping the rain out then it should last a good few years. Could give it a couple of coats of Thompsons water seal when it's all done to seal it up.
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Following a lot of calls on this day I'm 90% sure I'll now just go with a render finish. Would have liked the brick chimneys but between cost and practicality it doesn't really stack up
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01 Feb 2016 11:56 PM
It is still possible to make rendered "chimneys" quite interesting. Haven't been on Des Ewing's website in a while, but you might find some inspiration there.
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Make sure you put some mesh on if you are continuing the outer skin of block up or it will crack where the frame joins the blockwork.
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