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S&n's Irish Farmhouse - Part 8 - Slabs

Posted by crozier84 , 03 November 2015 · 1,290 views

The Pre-insulated concrete floors (spantherm from Creagh Concrete) arrived today. I was rather surprised to be notified by my wife last night that they arrived yesterday with no notice that they were coming. Thankfully I had or more less finished lapping and setting the DPM prior to them arriving. The guys arrived back this morning with the rest of the slabs and were finished in 3 hours. I've attached a few photos below.

We now have a real good idea of our finished floor level, which is very high! I always wanted to have it this way as I am going to incorporate feature steps up to the house in the typical georgian style.

The plan now is to get over the winter and instruct the timber frame guys to get started in the spring.

Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image

I also had my water installed today. We dug a trench down to the road at the weekend and left 32mm pipe for them to connect to. Job was done in about 2 hours.

Attached Image

They are the thickest slabs I have ever seen. Good that they grout the floor as well. The guys with the remote control have some touch on them, was always impressed watching them.
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Looks well

We dont have to go with the spantherm, BCO is happy with a poured slab.
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04 Nov 2015 01:08 PM
Looking good Stephen, you're officially out of the ground!☺

You may find it hard to get Building Control to pass the sort of steps you want as your main door is supposed to be wheelchair accessible. Our BCO is allowing us to have the ramped access to our back door because "that is nearest to where vehicles will be parked" (he's quite pragmatic).

What is shown on your BC approved drawings?

You may be able to put in a temporary ramp until the house is signed off and do as you please later, or you could ask your BCO now. Just choose your wording carefully if you go for plan B
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Thats a very good point Michael! I must check this evening but I'm almost sure it is just taking for level acces to the rear. As you say if Building Control are giving me bother regarding having the ramp to the front then I'll just put a temporary one in, get it passed and then proceed to put my steps to the front.

Declan, As you say the man on the machine controlling those machines is some operator!

Damian, how much do you reckon you will save by not going with the slabs. As I was getting a slightly reduced rate from Creagh the difference was very minimal hence why I decided to go with them.
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The poured slab is going to cost around 2k and 3k for insulation above. The rough price for the spantherm was around 7.5K but they could have gone better on the price i'm not sure. The BCO came out within a few hours and gave us the ok to pour.

Yours are looking well. They do make a tidy job.
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Spantherm is 375mm deep so it does increase the floor level considerably if you don't allow for the extra depth. The are are good job though. You will need 150mm screed on top of these i think
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