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S&n's Irish Farmhouse - Part 4

Posted by crozier84 , 27 July 2015 · 1,052 views

The digger was back today and progress is hard to believe, despite the terrible weather. The contents of the old shed have been pulled in as fill to create the first part of our Lane up to the site. The site has almost been fully stripped and should be completely done tomorrow ready for us to mark out our foundations. I've also arranged for a local contractor to draw in hardfill to help finish off the lane up to the site.

I knew I would enjoy getting started but enjoying it even more than I thought!
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04 Dec 2015 08:56 AM
This might be a very silly question - but what happens to all the stuff that gets cleared away for the groundworks?? Is it stored somewhere to be returned when the landscaping is done or is it sold or dumped somewhere? I will have quite a lot of top soil to remove but will want to keep some of it. However, the plot is a bit small for storing a large pile without it being in the way. I am not sure of the best way to clear it. We are happy to do it ourselves with a diggerbut what do we do with the removed stuff??
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