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Permission Granted!

Posted by Crofter , 16 February 2015 · 1,366 views

Friday the 13th was a lucky day for me. Planners have approved my application for full planning. There were some encouraging words in there about the use of timber cladding and the small scale of the project, plus its location on the site.
I had left some details deliberately a bit vague and this seems to have worked fine- they do, however, want me to nail down things like the type of cladding prior to commencing work. Fair enough. I can now shop around knowing that I have a viable project at the end of it.

It's not all good news, however. Despite having discussed the matter with the planners by email, they have put the usual requirements onto the access/driveway, in terms of gradients etc. I need this to be relaxed in the same manner as other new houses on the same road, otherwise I simply cannot get the access down to the height of the house site.

Hopefully this won't be too big a task- time to put on my best smile and pick up the phone.

Well done. Now let the battle commence.

We had lots of pre commencement conditions. they were mainly because of my insistence on doing all my own drawings. The two key things to be submitted were a final "proper" drawing showing all the external finishes and a landscaping plan. Once these and a few other technicalities were completed I got a letter from the planning officer that all pre commencement conditions had been met and I was free to start building (when I can get the building warrant sorted out)

The access bit is a bit is more troubling. Our initial condition was to provide a 90 metre visibility splay and the more troublesome thing was to "demonstrate control" over the land forming the visibility splay. Well I can;t do that as part of it is my neighbours front lawn. the compromised we arrived at was only needing 60 metres of visibility (which we have) and removing the "demonstrate control" clause.
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17 Feb 2015 08:11 AM
Friday the 13th; easy to find evidence to support it, difficult to ignore anything that contradicts.
I've learned to enjoy the injection of energy given by beating it. Another due next month.

Look forward to it! Enjoy both it and your project! Good luck!
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Congrats! Looking forward to following your project :)
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24 Feb 2015 05:56 PM
Great news re your permissions. Interestingly, I was just reading a blog on a house build in America and they visited the local council and met everyone - they obviously had a good discussion and came away with list of things the 'city' wanted and expected and it all went swimmingly.
"We had our meeting with the city. I expected us to go to someone's office and talk with a city planner, but we went to a conference room and had representatives from Utilities, the fire department, 4 different branched of city planning, and 3 or 4 more people who I am not sure exactly who they were. It was a big deal. Everyone was very nice and we had a good meeting. "
And the supply of utilities was much easier too. The companies had a look at the plans and said how much it would cost and when they'd do it - usually within a couple of weeks of being asked. How unlike the British system!!

Its an interesting blog as they are building a Monolithic dome house - looks fabulous but I doubt we'd be able to get it past planning,,,,,,,,

Check it out here:-

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