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We Have A Floor

Posted by DeeJunFan , 16 November 2015 · 848 views

Hi Guys,

After the disaster that was last weekend during the week we eventually got caught up on the jobs with the foundations.

Got the Radon barrier down, A393 Mesh installed, point to not was the amount of overlap needed. Meant a quick re-order for another few sheets.

BC were happy with a smaller mesh and a 4inch slab but decided to stick with the larger mesh and go with a 6inch slab.

Got the timber delivered and me and my father started on the shuttering for the pour. (Finished article below)

Attached Image

A lot of blocks and Pegs needed to be carried around to make sure the shuttering was supported. Concrete arrived first thing Thursday morning and now we have a floor.

Attached Image

The question for this week is around the strength of the lightweight blocks. As we are going with a slabbed 1st floor the Architect specced 10N block work (which is almost impossible to get around here). The local building Merchant only do the Quinn lite blocks in 5N which i wasn't all that happy with so there has been some back and forth and Quinn say both are ok but most people go with the 7N.

Just waiting on Architect to confirm he is happy enough.

Hopefully there will be walls soon!


Your slab is sitting on your dwarf walls then?
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Yes we filled the footings right up to level with the walls and then shuttered in the slab
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Do you not have cold bridges where your walls meet the slab or is the shuttering inside these? Difficult to see from photo.

Or are you going to insulate & screed onto of this for ffl?
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The outer skin will sit on the walls and the internal walls will sit in the slab. Will be using quinn lite blocks at the Base of all internal walls to reduce the thermal bridging. Will put 200mm of PIR on the slab then 100mm of screed to reach ffl
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