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Wash Out Weekend

Posted by DeeJunFan , 09 November 2015 · 923 views

Weekend turned out to be a complete mess. Just about managed to get a delivery off loaded but no work done on my site. Went and gave my brother a hand fitting his HRMV unit. got a lot of the vents placed and the unit suspended from the rafters.

Nearly lost a finger unloading the mesh.

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Have started getting the footings filled in, was hoping to get the quarry dust in over the weekend but its starting in earnest today.

Hopefully have all filled and barrier laid in the next day or two then its concrete time.

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I feel your pain - total washout here too. Thankfully we've got what we planned doing for the year complete, so any delays to the roof and timber frame are not the end of the world. We're working on getting some temporary roofing on to give us shelter up in the house.
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I though i had about 5 weeks before the block layers were going to be back to me but they are finishing up another job early so the pressure is on to get the site ready for them to do something next week.. Might be the garage but who knows at this stage. They could be getting a week off.
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Make sure you cover both ends of the sewer etc pipes over. On the outside bury them in sand so its much easier digging out when the the time comes to do that part.
Make sure you have worked out your finished floor height so you get enough insulation in under the screed.
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Cheers Declan

Yeah had a chat with the block layers about eh FFL we are going with 150mm sub-floor then 200mm PIR then 100mm screed so its roughly another block on its end to the FFL

Must remember to cover the pipes.

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It was a wild wet windy spell here yesterday and over night. In just 124 hours our water table has come up a lot and our plot has become very wet again.

It's a damn good job we got the treatment plant in the ground last weekend, I have a sense of "just in time" with that operation.

Now the battle is to keep a partly built house protected from the worst of the wind and rain, and try and find time to get the tiles on the roof, in between having to work, short daylight hours, and catching weather windows.
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winter is definately here in Co.Armagh, driven rain and gales. No blocklaying again this week by looks of things
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Aye it's a tough aul station alright. Doesn't seem like there will be much done for a few weeks.
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