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Footings Done

Posted by DeeJunFan , 04 November 2015 · 828 views

Hi Guys,

A slow enough last 2 weeks, our block laying contractor is currently working on a major job and has been doing our footing walls over the weekends.

Digger man has been on holidays so it all worked out ok.

Our site had to be grading a fair bit towards the front of the house which left the footings around 1m deep at the front and only around 300mm at the rear. I was a bit concerned that we wouldn't be allowed to do a poured slab but eventually got the BCO out and he was more than happy, said we could go with a 4 inch slab but i prefer to go with at least 6 inches as some of the rooms are quite large, The kitchen/dining at the rear is 4.5x9.5m

This is how the site looks at the minute, next job is on to the drainage, fill, radon barrier and pour the slab. Have 2 weeks to get all ready before the block layers are back on site.

Fun times ahead

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Looking good! Presuming you are putting a MVHR system in the house then there is no need for a Radon Barrier?
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Get all them cement bags burned before they blow everywhere. Where Dee's site is its all granite so has to have a radon barrier to stop the gas leaking up into the house. You are all getting some spell of weather to get you out of the ground.
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Tidy looking job!!! All the best with it!! Rain today has dashed my hopes of getting brickies away from another job
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