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Week 1 Done

Posted by DeeJunFan , 13 October 2015 · 944 views

So the first week of the build has been completed.

Grass has been turned to dirt and a LOT of dirt has been moved about. from the picture below you can see the gentle slop from left to right. to my untrained eye this didn't look like much but it took a good amount of digging through pretty hard ground to get the site level


Eventually started to mark out on Saturday afternoon after my debut as a dumper driver (lots of fun)

Marked out the garage and then noticed a burning smell. ran over to the digger (smoke billowing), quite a large fire coming from the diggers engine. Lucky we were there as the digger driver has no sense of smell so he would have had a very warm neck before he noticed.

This is how the site was left on Saturday afternoon. Digger abandoned.

Attached Image

The Footings will be fully dug out today and hopefully the first inspection from building control will have us ready to pour concrete in the next day or two.

That's looking good. I hope the digger isn't terminal.
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he has it back up and running. Should finish the footings now before lunch
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Driving a dumper is so much fun. Take her down the town for a spin and hold up some traffic. Gives good weather all week so get them footings in before the wet season starts.
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Driving the dumper is okay for a while but the novelty wears off after a bit, especially when it's raining and you don't have a cab.

Driving the digger is a whole new level of fun, and even my old machine has a canopy over the top to keep the rain off.
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aye there was no cab on it but thankfully the sun was out so not to bad.

It was good craic for me compared to being stuck in the office.
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