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Short Start, Long Story

Posted by DeeJunFan , 28 July 2014 · 1,277 views

Hello there,

I have decided to try and put together a blog for my pending build. The others on here have helped me a great deal so hopefully mine can be of assistance to someone in the future, but most selfishly of all I hope this can help me get my thoughts and plans settled.

The site on which I am building is (was) a relatively small site to the rear of my family home in Mayobridge, Northern Ireland. The process began around 10 years ago when I first applied for planning permission, which was refused. The refusal was mainly due to the lets say less then competent working of the planning consultant and his very dodgy business practices of using planning applications to get commissions from a very expensive solicitor turned planning appeals specialist.

Anyway I revisited my planning application in 2009 using a local architect who worked hard to get permission which was finally granted in October 2011.
Recently my small site has become a much bigger site due to the purchase of around ¼ of an acre of land next to my site.

So the build itself

We have always wanted to build a 2 Storey house but given the lack of similar dwellings in the area (almost exclusively bungalows) I didn’t think I would get a 2 storey house passed but funnily enough the planners didn’t even comment on the design simply if the house should be allowed to be built or not.
The design we have gone with a very simple quite traditional looking 2 storey house.


The main decisions so far have been Timber Frame/SIP/Externally Insulated Block/Cavity Block.
Given the local trade availability and more importantly the price the first decision has been made and we will build a cavity wall block house with Concrete floors.
I think that will do for the first installment.

Some pictures of the site and design below.


Site Layout

Site and New Land

So when do you reckon the digger will be on site, next week!!
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I wish,

The plan at the minute is to get started on the ground works in say March next year and hopefully get the foundations and that started late March early April when the frost will have passed.

My Parents are doing a bit of a build at the minute so its great to see all the prices they are getting for things. You think you have a realistic budget but sometimes you wonder.
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I have noticed all the prices of materials slowly creeping up and up. All the merchants will be trying to claw back their losses over last few years.
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its a killer really. to make matters worse i'm working in Dublin, so i'm getting paid in Euros. I have to try and factor in the exchange rate as well.

with the exchange rate as it is things like blocks are boarder line but i would save on VAT. God only knows what way things will be in the new year.

There is a steady rise in the amount of work going on so labour and materials will be going up for the next while.
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