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ebuild is sad to announce its closure - it has become too time and resource intensive to develop, manage and maintain.

However, ebuild will remain on-line in archive mode (ie no posting facilties) for several weeks so that users can use it as an information resource.

Hawthorn House


We Have Another Floor

Posted by DeeJunFan , 08 January 2016 · 1,189 views

Hello All,Hope everyone had a great Christmas and New Year.Was trying to get a blog entry done before Christmas but no luck so here goes.Block work is now complete, slab wrap put up and slabs laid.Here are a few pics showing the house and some of the key views.House itself Entrance View Living Room View Dining Room View Sun-Room Slabs In Progress Slabs C...


We Have A Floor

Posted by DeeJunFan , 16 November 2015 · 871 views

Hi Guys,After the disaster that was last weekend during the week we eventually got caught up on the jobs with the foundations.Got the Radon barrier down, A393 Mesh installed, point to not was the amount of overlap needed. Meant a quick re-order for another few sheets.BC were happy with a smaller mesh and a 4inch slab but decided to stick with the larger...


Wash Out Weekend

Posted by DeeJunFan , 09 November 2015 · 903 views

Weekend turned out to be a complete mess. Just about managed to get a delivery off loaded but no work done on my site. Went and gave my brother a hand fitting his HRMV unit. got a lot of the vents placed and the unit suspended from the rafters. Nearly lost a finger unloading the mesh. Have started getting the footings filled in, was hoping to get the...


Footings Done

Posted by DeeJunFan , 04 November 2015 · 810 views

Hi Guys,A slow enough last 2 weeks, our block laying contractor is currently working on a major job and has been doing our footing walls over the weekends. Digger man has been on holidays so it all worked out ok.Our site had to be grading a fair bit towards the front of the house which left the footings around 1m deep at the front and only around 300mm a...


Week 1 Done

Posted by DeeJunFan , 13 October 2015 · 924 views

So the first week of the build has been completed.Grass has been turned to dirt and a LOT of dirt has been moved about. from the picture below you can see the gentle slop from left to right. to my untrained eye this didn't look like much but it took a good amount of digging through pretty hard ground to get the site level Eventually started to mark o...


Build Day Zero

Posted by DeeJunFan , 05 October 2015 · 801 views

Just a quick Kick off blog post.The Day is finally here. After many years of waiting and planning. Digger arrived on site Saturday night and is going to break ground today. This is how the site looked yesterday afternoon so there will be lots happening this week. First job is to move the fence, the site now extends to the gate in the top of the picture....


A Few Decisions And A Bit Of Panic

Posted by DeeJunFan , 11 February 2015 · 1,463 views

Since my first entry not much has happened apart from a lot of thinking.Legal work is still on-going RE the additional portion of land. Hopefully complete in the next week or so.So far the decisions areStrip foundations. Thermal block above the sub floor to deal with thermal bridge.200mm of PIR with UFH pipes on topthinking 65-75mm of Sand & cement...


Short Start, Long Story

Posted by DeeJunFan , 28 July 2014 · 1,254 views

Hello there,I have decided to try and put together a blog for my pending build. The others on here have helped me a great deal so hopefully mine can be of assistance to someone in the future, but most selfishly of all I hope this can help me get my thoughts and plans settled.The site on which I am building is (was) a relatively small site to the rear of...

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