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So Much Has Happened ...

Posted by joeirish , 29 July 2015 · 1,588 views

... since my last blog.

My father in law developed cancer and sadly died in April. This has meant that my wife has had to spend a lot of time away from home. And also in April we got a cash offer for our old house. We had four weeks in which to pack up and move out. Luckily a lot had been done on the new house but none the less it has been a hectic time. Now only a few months later, and after spending six weeks living in the camper van we are in. Today we had the air tightness and achieved 0.82 ACH. Might have been able to improve that but as we are not going for Passive House standard I'm happy with this.

Here are some recent photos.

Attached Image

Attached Image
Rear with south (ish) facing large windows

Attached Image
The hallway and double height void with oak staircase

Attached Image
Upstairs sitting room with great views over Lough Derg

Attached Image
View from the upstairs sitting room out over the terrace roof

Attached Image
Kitchen/dining viewed from the stairs.

And today I got the BER result (Irish energy rating for those who may not know). Our house achieved A1 the highest. Pretty pleased that all the design and build hard work has paid off. Might have a celebratory drink this evening. Tomorrow the PV panels get commissioned so my beer will be chilled in a fridge powered by my own electricity!
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30 Jul 2015 11:57 AM
Neat, I like the conventional/discreet front and contrasting rear. Also, I like the use of double-height space and your terrace.

How do you think you would have improved the 0.82 ACH?
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Thanks for the comments. The front was designed to satisfy the local planners who wanted something in keeping with the local vernacular on the front. We also wanted something "traditional with a twist of modernity" which the architect has managed. The double height (and the high ceilings throughout) do give a lovcley feeling of space even in smaller rooms.

The guy doing the testing reckoned that if he spent another half day he could have got the measurement down further. There was some leakage on the MVHR ducting and heat exchanger than improved the ACH after the first test by about 15% and more might have been possible here. Also one or two little leaks at floor level although it was not clear if these leaked to the exterior of the envelope of just to another part on the interior. We also only had the air tightness test done after all the other follow on trades (plasterers, tilers, carpenters etc) had finished and there may have been some puncturing of the air tight membrane with these trades even though I was careful to supervise as much as possible. I don't think that they were as careful as the timber frame guys. But as we were not going for PH standard I'm happy with what we achieved.
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Looks really good- Congratulations, must be good to be "in"
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Wow, that looks tremendous! I really love the front/rear contrast - the twist works well. Well done in getting through everything, now - enjoy!
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20 Sep 2015 08:42 AM
well done, it all looks great and I love the upstairs living area. I'd spend most of my time there, looking at the view. I like the way the fact the back of the house is so different in look to the front. might have to make a note of some of your features to give to our architect when we finally have one.
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