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In The Beginning ...

Posted by joeirish , 14 July 2014 · 1,008 views

So although this blog is starting in July 2014, the actual saga of our new build in County Clare started quite some time ago. Nearly two years ago in fact. But things are now beginning to happen so I thought maybe start a blog to keep a record of the whole thing. But first some history.

We have lived in Clare (myself and my wife) for the past 17 years in an old cottage we extensively renovated. This was the third house we have done up, previously we lived in England and did up two houses in Cheshire.

We do really like this house but as we get older we have decided that maybe we need something a little smaller, and I need a retirement project!

So a couple of years ago we got to thinking about the possibility of buying a site and building our dream house. And that is what we have done, except the house is not yet built but the foundations and rising walls are in for a timber frame house that will be erected in the next month or two. But it has been quite a journer to get this far.

More in the next entry. In the meantime a few photos of our current house and garden.

Attached Image
Back of the house showing passive solar collectors, eg greenhouses and conservatory.

Attached Image
The converted barn is the stone part, the newer section is the kitchen.

Attached Image
Part of the garden

Attached Image
Another part of the garden

Attached Image
Yet another part of the garden.

Attached Image
View from garden across to County Tipperary

Attached Image
Flowing through the grounds is a lovely stream with waterfalls.

Attached Image
And another view of the stream.

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