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Once You Pop The Rounded Corners Don't Stop

Posted by slidersx200 , 06 January 2016 · 934 views

My last blog entry closed with a little brain teaser about a new design detail that was borne from playing with a Pringles tube (other reconstituted potato snacks are available). The plasterers returned to site after the Christmas break today and have almost completed said detail, so without further delay here is a quick summary of the process:

I made a wooden template by drawing around the Pringles tube to create a negative of the finished shape. The main plasterer then cut a sheet of tin to create a sharp edge so that the plaster is left with a smooth finish.

Attached Image

Two corners were notched so that they engaged with laths temporarily fixed to the wall as guides. This photo also shows how the blockwork was prepared by knocking the sharp corner off.

Attached Image

The finished curve stops below the ceiling by about 200mm; a decorative cornice will be added at a later stage. The transition from curve to sharp corner is formed a bit like a chamfer stop stair spindle.

Attached Image

You could carry the curve down to just above skirting height as we have seen elsewhere, but we have stopped about 1m above finished floor so the curve starts about 100mm above the wall paneling. This end needs to dry a little more before it is sculpted to the finished shape, but the basic form is still visible.

Attached Image

As much as I like these little flourishes, I've tried to be restrained in their use so there are only three places where this detail has been used; at the front door, at the "T" junction in the downstairs hallway and on one corner of the upstairs landing.

Attached Image

It would be possible to go a bit bolder with the radius without being OTT and the curve could also be stepped back from the main wall planes if you were after something a little more ornate. Now get munching those reformed crisps!

I like that a lot! I like curves :-)
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I have a staggered section in my hallway and this would look great in it.

What do you think it added labour wise?
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07 Jan 2016 05:10 PM
Can't comment on price lol, it cost me a spare sheet and a half of tin.

I'd guess the five corners added about 2 man days for chipping the blocks, making the former "system" and the actual plastering if that helps.
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Brilliant detail!!!
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