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Mini Update - Internal Plastering Under Way

Posted by slidersx200 , 27 November 2015 · 1,154 views

The blogging trail unfortunately went cold again as work commitments, dark evenings and having to resort to involving solicitors in an attempt to resolve the matter of our French doors has left me time starved and feeling a bit demotivated. The last month has probably felt like the largest uphill struggle encountered so far, but the last two weeks has seen tangible progress as the plasterers have returned to work on the inside.

The curved wall between the master bedroom and its en suite has been skimmed; here it is outside:

Attached Image

and from inside the en suite:

Attached Image

You may notice the gap above the door frame; this will allow air movement for the ventilation system to occur between rooms without having a large unsightly gap beneath the doors. The top piece of architrave will cover the hole and the back will be machined to complete the air path.

The ventilation ducts are boxed in above the door to the master bedroom:

Attached Image

Inside the plant room for the ventilation system has some of the most intricate plasterwork lol!

Attached Image

There will also be an interesting little cubby space in the corner of the dressing room:

Attached Image

The soil vent pipe will be insulated before being boxed in later. It was done in this order so the plaster can form a continuous airtightness layer behind it.

So far (touch wood!) there has been no visible condensation in the house; the ventilation strategy has been to leave all casement windows and roof lights on their night ventilation latch setting:

Attached Image

This view gives an idea of a cross section through the upstairs, not too bad for a house "of single storey construction":

Attached Image

Things are starting to get exciting again and having fallen out of love with the process for a while, it is nice to regain a bit of enthusiasm once again!

Looking good - the curved wall is tremendous!
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27 Nov 2015 06:45 PM
Its looking great! - dont let the bu&&%rs get you down. It is certainly a stressful process this house building - and I havent even actually got my plot yet - thats taking ages and I am finding it all very stressful. But I love the curved wall and those gaps above the doors are great; I will be pinching that idea as I never liked the gap at the bottom of the door.
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Hi Micheal,
Good to talk today, It's looking really good, just think of the windows as a pot hole on the journey !
I'm still trying to persuade Judy we need a curved wall in the family room. Your picture may yet convince her :-)
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Starting to look the part alright. Very good idea leaving a gap above the door. When a building gets plastered is when I reckon it finally starts to take a bit shape and looks more like house.
Everybody who has done a self build will have that one trade or company who has caused more stress than the rest put together so I know how down it can make you. It won't take much more to get you in so keep the head up and keep going.
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28 Nov 2015 11:36 AM
Thanks everyone, I just can't wait to see the rooms with skirting architrave and switches etc in place, but there's a bit to go before that yet.

A school friend who built a 4800sqft house last year gave me the phone number for a guy who spray painted all walls and ceilings white for £770 including materials. Masking of the floors and windows is included, but no filling or sanding. Apparently his whole house had three coats done in a day so it should be a whirlwind transformation. He advised spending some time vacuuming dust and debris from window boards etc to avoid it being blown into the fresh paint by the spray gun.
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Spray finish is far better than a roller. Will last much longer and if he is a pro you won't believe how quick he can paint a wall. Your right about cleaning it. It has to be spotless or the dust sticks to the paint and is very noticeable. The same can happen when using a roller.
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Could you pm me that guys number please
That's half the price of the last quote I got for similar size
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I d be interested in that guys number too, if you wouldn't mind pm that please. Looks great by the way!
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