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Wanna See A Well Built Stud Take On Something Curvy?

Posted by slidersx200 , 01 October 2015 · 1,289 views

If you're reading this I just have one thing to say; I don't know what you expected to find here given the title, but shame on you anyway! :P

Please excuse me today, there are probably times in everyone's self build journey when you feel like if you didn't laugh you'd just cry and our French door saga is something that I've been trying to smile through for months. It does seem to be heading to some sort of conclusion and I'll be able to advise whether or not that is a happy one on Monday all being well.

Anyway, enough with the off topic deviation and on to the matter of how we formed the curved stud wall in our master bedroom suite, a feature that seemed quite popular in an earlier blog entry.

We started with a timber frame made with plywood top and bottom in the shape of the finished curve and regular 4x2" stud framing

Attached Image

Attached Image

After the sound insulation was stuffed in, this was covered with two layers of 6mm plasterboard that is designed for making curves

Attached Image

Attached Image

Here is the finished result from the inside

Attached Image

And outside

Attached Image

The shape is fairly even and smooth, but the finish coat will take out any minor imperfections.

We now have power in the garage and I've given the lights a quick test. I bought some LED GU10s for the upstairs rooms off of eBay. Worked out at just under £8 each for fire rated, tiltable, black chrome fittings and 5W SMD (surface mounted diode) LED bulbs in warm white (2700K)

Attached Image

Downstairs I went for 5' fluorescent strip lights with diffusers. They supposedly have a higher output in Lumens for a lower power rating in Watts than the equivalent 5' LED batten lights and as they are high frequency, they don't have a starter or flicker when they are switched on. You can also see the surface mounted metal socket boxes and faceplates.

Attached Image

A lick or two of paint and something a bit prettier on the floors should nearly finish the garage internally, but until the screed is poured downstairs we won't be able to fit the doors. The top coat of render is being applied this week and the weather conditions have been pretty favourable for that so far.

I've arranged a visit from a PV company for Monday afternoon and if that goes well we may have a 4KW system on the roof in 4-6 weeks. This is too late for the drop in ROCs payments so the payback period will be increased, but it should be a worthwhile investment nonetheless.

Looks good - Any idea of the radius of the curved wall ?
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Well I would say those curves are built like a brick *********, but they aren't.
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That's brilliant. I'd better not show my other half that...
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