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Just A Few Photos To Defend The Masonry Build Corner (Pt2/2)

Posted by slidersx200 , 25 September 2015 · 852 views

Following on from Pt1, here are a few more photos to catch up with progress on site, mostly outside:

Door frames have been fitted to the garage so that rendering could begin, you may be able to see the curve on the last three steps. Black hinges and hardware will be added to the dummy loft doors later.
Attached Image

It is starting to take shape now outside and the stone is in place for me to clad the stairs.
Attached Image

Progress has been made inside too and second fix has been completed since I took these photos. Our electric meter is going in on Monday and power will be available on site, exciting times! The inefficiency of Morrow Contracts (NIE's nominated undertaker of streetworks) may be a chapter in itself, but I'll save that for another time. Suffice to say I do not know how they can make any money!

Movie room will be through here with a projector screen at the far end.
Attached Image

Nosey Parker checking to see if the pool table is in the games room yet. Can't wait to get decorating both of these spaces!
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Downstairs is getting there too, I went for sand/cement finish on the walls with surface mounted sockets and switches which have since been installed. The powerfloated concrete floor screed will be poured when the render has been used.
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Got some big boy toys on site now to do a bit of landscaping thanks to a contractor who is bringing us clay fill. The same company will be providing crushed concrete to bring up the levels around the house at a later date.
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Just making more work for myself, think a ride on mower might be in order. The topography will look a bit different when we're finished though and I plan to plant this area out with trees.
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Here are the now infamous French doors with temporary lower panels. They may or may not be staying depending on how the supplier behaves next week. Note the Compacfoam under the threshold as part of the strategy to reduce thermal bridging in this difficult area.
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View from the road would probably suggest we're a lot closer to being finished than is actually the case.
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If/when the French door saga gets to a successful conclusion we will finally be able to pump the cavities with EPS beads, allowing the plasterers to begin work inside and the ground floor insulation, heating pipes and screed will follow after that. The main contractor thinks they will be pretty much done 6 weeks after that. We will then be able to install kitchen, bathrooms etc and decorate at our own pace.

Well, that's the plan anyway!

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