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Just A Few Photos To Defend The Masonry Build Corner (Pt1/2)

Posted by slidersx200 , 25 September 2015 · 914 views

I must apologise for life has recently got in the way and I've neglected my blogging duties. This seems to have opened the floodgates to "the timber framers" and their "weathertight in a week" progress updates. (Just kidding everyone, I'm just bitter that we've ground to a snail's pace as a consequence of our French doors arriving 8 weeks late and still being wrong. Keep up the good work!)

Since my last update, I've completed the first fix for the ventilation system using a radial ducting system. Here are a few photos:

Quietvent 10 port manifolds between web joists to service ground floor
Attached Image

Ducting and ceiling plenum downstairs, the plenums can accommodate two ducts for higher flow rates
Attached Image

The ducts for the kitchen/diner and pantry drop down from the first floor ceiling and will be concealed by a false chimney breast
Attached Image

The ventilation unit and Airflow manifolds are located in an upstairs store located at the centre of our "T" shaped house
Attached Image

Most of the upstairs ducts pass over the doorway into the master bedroom and have since been boxed in
Attached Image

Not ventilation related, but I'm proud of our curved wall in the master bedroom made with two layers of 1/4" plasterboard:
Attached Image

On top of the existing OSB deck, our flat roofing supplier has installed a foil backed bituminous vapour barrier, 50mm PIR, 138mm PIR bonded to 19mm plywood, roofing membrane for metal roofs topped with standing seam pre-finished zinc. Here is the first layer going down:

Attached Image

And the finished result with matching guttering and fascia board:
Attached Image

The doors for the garage have been started and the machining process filled 3 one tonne bags with sapelle mahogany for horse bedding. The tongue and groove boards are 33mm thick:

Attached Image

The frames are mortice and tenon jointed with PU glue for extra strength:
Attached Image

More to be uploaded later in part 2.

Loving that curved wall corner. Can't say I'm looking forward to running our vent trunks as we're using rigid galvanised steel and have solid timber floor joists so routing is going to be 'interesting!'
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It's nice to see a bit of friendly rivalry between different building methods. but even more it's nice to see so many self builds making real progress right now.

And I never knew you could get 1/4" plasterboard. When I saw someone making a curved wall, they leaned a sheet of standard PB against a wall and kept wetting one side and slowly it drooped to form the curve over a number of days. I believe they fixed it to the wall while still wet and pliable then let it dry and set.
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May have to ask for details of the curved wall make up. Judy isn't convinced just yet - but she will be !
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There's always more than one way to skin a cat (or even a house). Nope, nor did I, but I think I'd have been tempted to use flexible mdf and then skim it.
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25 Sep 2015 08:59 PM
Thanks everyone, sounds like a more detailed look at the curved wall could be of interest/use to a few people so I'll try to do a follow up post with that during the week if I find the time. Working on Pt2/2 for this now...
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