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Lessons Learnt So Far

Posted by hoss , in General Information 05 July 2015 · 872 views

From taking on the local planning office, being told by a senior planner it wasn’t going to happen, every single councillor voting against it a local planning meeting add in a few years and several thousand pounds we are moving. The plot with full PP and levelled has been sold and building is under way and our house is under offer.
1. Go by your own judgement all the time.
2. Get a good architect.
3. Everything is going to take longer and cost a wee bit extra.
4. Enjoy the journey.
5. Realise at certain stages you can walk away to continue the journey of life.

Where to now
1. We have purchased a house needing so much work done, but its in a spot we never dreamed that we would be there.
2. In the process of buying a flat.

I will try and keep posting here to put back something for all the help this site has given me. (No phone or internet at new house and no mobile phone coverage)

Many thanks

" Everything is going to take longer and cost a wee bit extra. "

Yup - never a truer word spoken :)
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