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A Bit More Drainage

Posted by ProDave , 03 April 2016 · 2,817 views

The time has come to start connecting the treatment plant so it's ready for use. Remember we concreted it into the ground last year, but there was too much else going on to actually connect it, and in any case for much of the winter, the water table will have been too high.

So the first job is to connect the outflow from the treatment plant to the burn, via a small partial soakaway. So a few trenches to be dug:

The first picture shows the sample chamber that was installed first to define the level of the rest of the trenches.

Attached Image Attached Image
Attached Image Attached Image
Attached Image

And here's an aerial shot from on top of the scaffold to show what I'm doing.

Attached Image

Then some pipes and chambers were added.

Attached Image Attached Image

Then the soakaway. The section between the two inspection chamberrs is connected by perforated pipe set on a bed of stones and covered in yet more stones. All these stones came from our own ground, I have been collecting them for some time for this purpose.

Attached Image

The soakaway area was then covered in plastic sheeting and the trenches partly filled with soil.

Attached Image

Only partly filled because at this point I decided while I have a trench open, I should drop in a steel wire armoured cable to feed a shed or two that will go along the fence line. So as well as only partly filling the trench at this stage, I have extended it over to close to the fence where the sheds will go.

Of course having not planned this in advance I don't have the cable yet so it will be a few days before I can drop the cable in and fill the trenches completely.

The next stage will be to level off this area of ground in order to make some space to move part of our mound of top soil that's currently in the way for connecting the treatment plant to the house.


The shed power cable is in and it's all filled in. I have also moved a whole heap of soil (literally) that was where the digger is now sitting, in preparation for the next bit of trenching.

Attached Image

As you might tell from that photo, it's rained a lot in the last few days. That newly spread soil resembles a swamp, and the water table has come up again and it's too high to be digging more trenches now, so I need another dry spell before the next installment.

This is great - thanks for sharing. We're planning getting out treament plant in and connected to the house later in the year, so rally good to have an idea of what it'll look like when happening. It's one of the few tasks we're probably going to sub-contract and get them to do the whole shebang. LIke you I'm trying to think of everything that we might do to future proof.
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Just a bump to say I have added one more photo.
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12 Apr 2016 05:06 AM
'...The first picture shows the sample chamber that was installed first to define the level of the rest of the trenches....'

How does that work Dave?
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The sample chanber is just a chanber that has a drop in level between the input and output. It allows you to lower a bucket in and take a sample of the effluemt for analysis.

I needed to fit that first so I knew the level of the output from it to dig the rest of the trenches to. Yes I could have done it by measurement, but there's nothing like having the real thing there
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