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Windows And Doors

Posted by ProDave , 19 February 2016 · 1,947 views

Last week, our Rationell windows and doors arrived.

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And this week the builders have been here fitting them.

Nearly all of them are tripple glazed aluminium clad.

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The only odd one out being the double doors between the main house, and the sun room. Being essentially an internal door, this is just double glazed and painted wood finish. Seen here from both sides.

Attached Image Attached Image

The aluminium windows sills have not been fitted yet, I will fit those shortly before the wood fibre cladding goes on.

There's not a lot to say really. It took 3 days for 3 men to fit them all. All manhandled into place and fitted from the inside.

All are working well except for the front door that does not close as well as it should. Rationell are coming next Tuesday to look at it and probably make some adjustments.

Why don't you fit yourself.

Not criticising just seems that your not afraid to do most jobs
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Quite simply that me and my wife are not physically capable of lifting the weight of them on our own and manhandling them into position, and I guess I don't have enough strong mates who owe me a favour.

It was a lot easier with 3 strong men and me to help as well.

You are quite right that there was nothing technically challenging about it.

There is also the matter of VAT and cash flow. If I had bough them to fit myself, I would have had to pay the VAT and it would be some time before I could claim that back. But by getting the builders to order them and supply and fit, they were able to supply them free of VAT.

Tools also come into it. The builders had a set of suckers to stick on and pick them up with. another thing I would have to have bought / hired / borrowed to do it myself.
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Fair enough
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20 Feb 2016 08:44 AM
They look good. So it's now weathertight, another milestone reached, I bet you're pleased. Does an upstand on the ali sills fit into a groove under the front of the window?
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Good to see you're making progress Dave!
My own (TG, Aluclad) windows are arriving next week and going into storage- I'm nowhere near ready for them but ordering them this early meant I could share delivery costs from Poland.
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Yes an upstand on the sills fits into a groove ender the front of the window.

In fact one sill was fitted, on the smallest window, just to enable us to work out the position to set the window so that when the wood fibre board is fitted the sill overhangs that.

It's still not properly watertight yet, in so far as the frame is still exposed. That won't get fully covered until the wood fibre board goes on. But at least inside the house is now dry and a lot less windy.
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They look nice. Who decides on the detailing, the window or TF manufacturer? Just wondering about thermal breaks and air tightness.
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I'm taking advice on that from the TF builder, who are a local firm of builderrs specialising in low energy houses.

Each window opeining in the timber frame was made over size, so then the window opening was lined with a layer of kingspan and then the window slots in to that and is foamed in to help seal it.

On the inside, the airtightness membrane will lap round and be taped to the window frames.

Externally, the windows protride a little beyond the timber frame. The outside will get clad in 100mm thick wood fibbre which then gets renderred. the small gap left between the woof fibre board and the windows gets sealed with compriband.
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I've just made the decision to go with Rational windows as well. I'm guessing you have gone with their 80mm cill extension? How far out from the rendered fibreboard will the cill overhang / drip line be?
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I forget the size of the cill, other than it was the largest they offered.

We have set them so the drip bead is 25mm out from the face of the wood fibre board so it will still have a decent overhang after the render is applied to it.

It works out the window frames are half in the timber frame, and half in the wood fibre board cladding.

Does Ian Hendry cover Orkney or have you not seen a sales rep on site?
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80mm is the biggest Rationel offer, and we are planning a 20mm overhang from the face of our render ICF, which should leave us with a 55 - 60 mm ingo. I think we will have about 20mm of the window frame in the concrete core of the ICF, the rest in the exterior ICF insulation. It's a shame they don't do a longer cill extension (Russell Timbertech who we also looked at do a cill that extends about 120mm from the face of the alu cladding) as that would have allowed us to recess the window a bit more and still be in the insulation layer. We could of course look at getting our own alu cill extensions made up, which would be pretty straightforward to match using a classic RAL colour, but not their sable alu finish which is the one I think we are going for.

I've dealt directly with Ally Duguid in the Sauchen office, so no sales rep at all. I have to say he has been very helpful. He arranged for us to visit a site up here which had installed their windows, but the most useful and informative part of the process was visiting the showroom in Cumbernauld (as I was down visiting a friend) and the Russell Timbertech showroom by the Clyde, so I could see each product in the flesh and compare them against each other.
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I'll give you a tip (given to me by the salesman) When you get the final price after agreeing all options and confirming sizes and spec, they "allow" 5% extra discount. So just say the final price is still just a little high and they should apply that extra 5% off. They did with us.

If you are on the mainland passing by you are welcome to come and have a look at ours.
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Cheers Dave.
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