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Last Part Of The Timber Frame - The Sun Room

Posted by ProDave , 27 October 2015 · 1,311 views

The main house roof is now clad and covered in breathable membrane.

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The scaffold has been re jigged to clear the space, and the basic shell of the sun room has been erected.

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The two sides have yet to be framed up leaving us some options, but the left hand side will be a row of windows with the sills level with those at the rear. The right hand side will have doors out onto a deck and we are now considering having the windows alongside the doors all the way down to the floor.

Inside the main house, the two upstairs load bearing wall that help support the ridge beam are nearing completion:

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Here's the outside of the sun room with the roof covered.

Attached Image

All the internal load bearing walls are complete and now clad with the OSB that adds to the racking strength of the building

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And here is a view of the complete frame showing how it sits on the plot

Attached Image

That completes the basic construction of the house frame, and for a short while completes the work by our team of builders.

The next bits of work will be tiling the roof, fitting the windows and fitting the wood fibre board to the walls and rendering them.

The uncertain finances means I am only now on the verge of ordering the windows, and the builders are not happy putting the wood fibre board on yet as that can't be properly rendered until the windows are in.

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Looking good Dave. Must add some more photos of ours when I get a spare 10 minutes.
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The roof covering is on the sun room now but it was too dark to take photos today, so more to come tomorrow.
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Just posting to say I have added a few more pictures.
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If our experience is anything to go by then you are looking at 2-3 months delay before the windows arrive. Have you thought about putting in temporary polythene / batten frame windows to give some weather sealing so you can do first fit fixing with the house reasonably weatherproofed.
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8-10 weeks is what Rationel are quoting, so realistically January for the windows.

We are awaiting a visit from the pavatex rep to talk about render options and weatherproofing. They claim their wood fibre board can be left exposed for 3 months so once we have some more details we might fit some of that on the more exposed walls, otherwise as you say we will be wrappign it in plastic for the winter.

This is all because we are short of funds at the moment so having to prioritise what we can afford to do now, and what has to wait for later.
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31 Oct 2015 08:20 AM
All looks truly amazing for just a few weeks, one question though - what happens about the stringers across the bottom of the door openings are they staying and the floor filled with acoustic material / screed or just there for strength in construction and to be removed at some point?
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They will be cut out / down to floor level. almost universally timber frame manufacturers fit them to hold the panels together and cut them out on site.

There will be a layer of acoustic insulation under the floor between the posi joists.
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31 Oct 2015 12:20 PM
Makes sense and you get some fuel for the log burner!
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