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And The Roof Goes On

Posted by ProDave , 13 October 2015 · 1,326 views

As the title says, the roof is now going on.

This takes a little longer that putting the frame up, as the roof is all cut and fabricated on site, with some more big kurto beams making it all work.

Attached Image Attached Image Attached Image Attached Image Attached Image Attached Image Attached Image


A couple of pictures of the garage roof now covered. That's a 100mm Pavatex wood fibre board that will clad the roof and the external face of all the walls.

Attached Image Attached Image

And one more, the front half of the roof is covered.
Attached Image

the builders are now trying to get the back half of the roof covered before the storms forecast to arrive in 2 days.

Looking good Dave. Assume all of your first floor is vaulted ceilings.
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The first floor is indeed a vaulted ceiling supported off that big ridge beam. However only one bedroom will actually have the ceiling open right to the top, the rest will have suspended ceilings giving us some loft storage space.

But it means the bulding envelope is insulated at roof level, so any loft storage will be nice and warm.

They started cladding the roof today but i was too late home to get a photo, it was getting dark already.
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Sounds very similar to ours as we also went for the warm roof option. Must upload some more pics tonight as Scandia-Hus have now finished and the tiler starts next Monday.
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Just a comment to say I've added 2 more pictures of the roof starting to be clad.
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Some substantial timber going up there. Looks good.
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