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ebuild is sad to announce its closure - it has become too time and resource intensive to develop, manage and maintain.

However, ebuild will remain on-line in archive mode (ie no posting facilties) for several weeks so that users can use it as an information resource.

Self Build in the Highlands


Going Down The Drain

Posted by ProDave , 15 July 2015 · 1,506 views

So foundations finished. Time to lay a bit of the drainage. Some might say it's a bit early in the project for that, but this bit has to be laid to enable other stuff to proceed.Take 1.Dig the trench and lay the drain for the branch off to the caravan, and prepare the ground ready to lay the main run of drains across the front of the house.Then it rai...


The Only Way Is Up

Posted by ProDave , 09 June 2015 · 1,398 views

So last week saw the foundation trenches completed to depth and inspected by building control.This week we start building upwards, starting yesterday with setting out the profiles. They admitted this was because they didn't trust me to have dug the trenches in the right place, and were pleasantly surprised when they found everything was correct.Today...


I Love The Sound Of Breaking Ground

Posted by ProDave , 19 May 2015 · 1,537 views

So planning, building warrant etc in place and building control notified that we are starting.So let the digging begin.Stage 1. Strip a lot of the top soil off the whole house area (plus a little bit). Because the site slopes a bit, I'm stripping more from the front left corner of the site and less from the rear left, to leave a more level working s...


A Long Cold Winter. But Finally We Can Get Started

Posted by ProDave , 08 May 2015 · 997 views

Not a lot (physically) has happened on the plot since the last blog entry last year. We have spent the winter fighting paperwork and bogged down in red tape.It's all about the building warrant, without which we can't start building. The building warrant application went in last October once the detailed design was complete. At that point we had n...


Getting Laid (Tarmac)

Posted by ProDave , 02 December 2014 · 1,687 views

A bit more ground work and preparation has been done.Firstly to prepare for making the proper entrance from the road onto the plot, I dug out the entrance and laid then compacted a 300mm thick layer of MOT grade 1 sub base. I then had a wait while I sought prices from contractors to lay the tarmac base layer. This was somewhat more expensive than I expec...


Design Progress

Posted by ProDave , 06 October 2014 · 2,560 views

The big news since the last blog entry is full planning permission was finally granted. It took 4 months instead of the usual 2 which largely seemed to be because I did the planning drawings myself which the planning officer was not exactly delighted with. But we got there in the end.The even better news is I have now also satisfied all the pre commenceme...


Getting Services On Site. Boy That Was Difficult.

Posted by ProDave , 27 June 2014 · 1,828 views

I have been organising water and electricity supplies to my site. Who would have thought getting these connected could be the cause of so much frustration, cost, time delay, and above all complete disruption to normal life for several weeks together with a lot of stress and anxiety.It all started so simply. Scottish water, and Scottish Hydro both gave us...


Frustration And Slow Progress

Posted by ProDave , 03 April 2014 · 1,982 views

Trying to find a builder to build our new house has proved a frustrating business. nobody seems to want my business.When I started on this journey, I had it in my head that the most likely person to build it was the local eco house builders 5 miles away. I knew the owner indeed I have done some work for them and know what they build. So they were my firs...


A New Addition On The Plot

Posted by ProDave , 31 January 2014 · 1,971 views

We now have a "building" on the plot, in the form of a static caravan.Quite an unusual turn of events really. We don't need the static 'van yet, indeed it will be some time before we need it for accommodation. However one turned up for sale that was a little unusual. Instead of the conventional layout with a living room at the front kitch...


Surveying The Plot

Posted by ProDave , 01 January 2014 · 1,476 views

It's been a while since the last update. Things have been moving slowly. that's mainly due to me (as usual) having too much work in November and December, and not enough time to do the things I want to.But the clearing of the plot is finally complete. All the unwanted small trees and scrub has gone. All the big trees that are remaining have been t...

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